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Been verry busy the last couple of months, touring the salient and the somme. For people coming to the salient take notice that the Yorkshire trench is under maintenace and one can not enter the trench at the moment

Been busy, the past few weeks, visited several cemeteries in the area today, Potijze chateau grounds, moved on to the french cemetery St Charles the Potijze and spend time in aeroplane cem with David a nice man from Glasgow on his pelgrimage tour to find the place were his great uncle met his death on 24/07/1917


early this morning I visited Artillery Wood cem in Boezinge, I collect epitaph's in a small book,

one that touched my heart was "First to give pleasure last to give pain"

"to this one faith I ever hold something there is too great to die' both men died on that 31/07/1917.

Haven't found any new postcards to add to my collection, maybe next sunday

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